We have been supporting the mission by adhering to our management objective "Conscientious, serious and professional attitude towards medical services; Tender care to the patients." This has granted us different international accreditations, including but not limited to the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series OHSAS 18001, the standard of quality management system ISO 9001, and the standard of quality management system on medical devices ISO 13485. We are also believed to be the first endoscopy centre which acquired ISO 13485 in Hong Kong. This evidently demonstrates our service commitment to every patient.

Medical Commitment

The Specialists make unceasing efforts to bring transcendent technology and services to the public and we would also like to commit that: “All medical incidents or misconducts related to our trained staff will be responsible by Dr.Percy Lam Wing Fong, Specialists in General Surgery.” We always take patient's health as the prime concern and do the utmost to give you the best.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a set of quality requirements applicable to any organization. The principles involve management responsibility, resource management, process management, measurement analysis and improvement. By adhering to all these requirements, organizations can have a clear understanding of how to achieve quality and outstanding services to strive for excellent management.

ISO 13485

To ensure quality medical services and desirable environment to our patients, we strive for improvement by continuously enhancing our environment and actively introducing advanced technologies and medical devices. Moreover, as a professional surgery and endoscopy centre, we are responsible of applying safe and effective medical devices; and we realize that the reprocessing and disinfection endoscopy are very important in reducing the risk of cross-infection. Thus, we put our professional effort on this process and we have successfully obtained international recognition on quality management from International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It is also believed that we are the first surgery and endoscopy centre in Hong Kong which is granted ISO 13485 for this critical process.

OHSAS 18001

The OHSAS 18001 standard is internationally accepted as a method of assessing and auditing occupational health and safety management systems. Developed by leading trade and international standards bodies, it provides a framework for organizations to instigate proper and effective management of health & safety in the workplace. There are some key areas assessed by OHSAS certification including the prevention and the dealing with contingencies, control and evaluation on risks, consultation and communication, training, comprehension and capability, assessment on effectiveness, monitoring and improvement.

ISO 10002:2004

We have also adopted ISO 10002:2004 Complaint Management System as the international accreditation that we are eligible to handle comments with an open, effective and efficient process. Our staff are well trained to handle any customer complaints accordingly under such management system.