Generally, hernias can be classified as inguinal hernia and incisional hernia. Inguinal hernia is more common and is caused by the weakness of inguinal ligament or congenital impairment in the abdominal wall. While incisional hernia usually occurs in the abdominal wounds after surgery.
Hernias is mostly treated by operation. Inguinal hernia will be performed either by local, spinal or general anesthesia. And incisional hernia will be usually performed by general anesthesia.

Preparation :
  • Consent forms for herniorrhaphy and anesthesia are required prior to the operation.
  • The paramedic will shave your public hair before the surgery.
  • Fast for six hours before the surgery.

  • The patient may experience abdominal pain or discomfort during the first one or two week(s). It is normal and will subside gradually. The prescription pain medication may be taken as needed.
  • The wound should be kept dry and if the dressing is wet, please tell the nurses and they will replace a new one for you.
  • You should lie flat in bed after the surgery. If you have to lie in a semi-fowler's position, you should bend your knees to reduce the abdominal pressure.
  • Patient can leave the bed the same day after the surgery. You are reminded to use the non surgery side to support the body whenever necessary, especially when lying down and getting off the bed.
  • Patient should better stay at home after the surgery for recovery.
  • There is no absolute diet concern but you should rather drink more water and consume fibre-rich diet to prevent constipation.
  • Vigorous exercises that will increase the abdominal pressure. (e.g. straining, sit-up, climbing stairs, cycling or motorcycling) should be avoided within 1 month after the operation. Support the wound when you cough or vomit to prevent disruption or pain.
  • In case of redness, swelling or blood oozing, please contact us immediately.
  • The anaesthesia and sedation may temporarily affect your co-ordination and reasoning skills, so you should avoid driving, drinking, making important decisions or signing legal documents for 24 hours afterwards.

The above information is for reference only. In case of any query, please contact us.