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About The Specialists

The Specialists Surgery and Endoscopy Centre (hereinafter referred to as “The Specialists”) is a safe, convenient and very pleasant endoscopy centre founded in 2006. 


In our centre, “Patients come first” strategy is to put patients in utmost care through providing the professional and ethical medical services and introducing the best new medical technologies.


“Build to lead” is the vision and mission of The Specialists. Our one and only centre has developed into a comprehensive medical centre over 10 years. Occupying a special area of 60,000 sq ft, the Centre is nicely furnished in a health care environment. The Specialists covers the whole 5/F, 6/F & 20/F of Grand Plaza, like a mini hospital in downtown. “The Specialists Day-Case Endoscopy Centre” equipped with 10 endoscopy rooms at negative pressure, provides the service of day-case colonoscopy and gastroscopy. “The Specialists Day-Case  Surgery Centre” equipped with 4 standardized operating theatre at positive pressure, provide the service of day surgery. Both recovery areas equipped with comprehensive monitoring facilities and resuscitation equipment. “The Specialists Outpatient, Diagnostic Imaging and Health Check Centre” offer one-stop service of consultation, investigation and treatment on a broad range of specialists including Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Otorhinolaryngology, Orthopaedics &  Traumatology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Family Medicine, as well as diagnostic imaging and health check. We keep, throughout the years, staffing the qualified personnel to perform in a superior fashion, better serving our patients and improving the reliable and expert medical assistance in the private healthcare sector to give a fresh look at Hong Kong’s healthcare reputation and competitiveness.


The Specialists strives actively to be the best option for our patients. We promote the healing and meet the needs of our patients at the centre of everything we do. The transcendent service generates differences among the other clinics in the measure of service charges, qualifications, healthcare quality, amenities as well as staff training.



Service Charge


We have been offering optimal service, by introducing the premium devices for body check, endoscopy and day-case surgery, at a reasonable price. Comparing with our counterparts, The Specialists stands out for its promised service and the corresponding charges that the service is worth. 


Attentive Care


We equip the sterilized private suits for pre and post-operative care by adjoining with basic facilities (central monitoring system and bathroom). We are dedicated to providing the highest level of care and the utmost vigilance in the protection of patient privacy.




The Specialists always pioneers in introducing the top medical technology to offer value-added services to our patients. Besides, during endoscopy, immediate polypectomy will be performed when necessary. Biopsy will be performed accordingly for a closer examination of the aberrant tissues. The doctor will explain the endoscopy report to the patient after the procedure.


Medical Ethics & Integrity


Our centre - The Specialists - projects the important message that our staff strictly abide by medical morality and professionalism. At The Specialists, we do our utmost to serve the patients under ethical practices. Medical ethics have always been the prime concern and being pursuing over the years to offer better service, meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.


Medical Support


For specific complications related to the endoscopic or surgical procedures, we would like to make the following commitments:


  • Endoscopy
    If perforation or bleeding occurs after the procedure, patients will receive the tailored service gratis as necessary and the most attentive post-operative care. 


  • Surgery
    Patients with constant oozing or other post operative problems within two weeks after the surgery may also receive follow up services gratis when necessary.


  • 24-hr emergency call
    Our 24-hr emergency response service ensures patients to receive medical support on time when experiencing any discomfort or other post-operative complications after endoscopy or surgery.