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Arthroscopic Knee Meniscus Surgery


The menisci are two crescent moon shaped flat pieces of cartilage in each knee. A meniscus tear is a common sports injury. The menisci can be torn if the knee is twisted or rotated forcefully. If the tear is more serious, surgical removal of the torm meniscus may be required. The surgeon will make a small incision in your knee. Your surgeon will insert tolls and a camera through the incision to repair or trim away the damaged meniscus.




Arthroscopic Knee Meniscus Surgery (G.A.)

The above fee covers:


Surgeon's Fee

‭‬Operation Theatre Fee

‬Instrument Fee

‬Anaesthetist's Fee

‬Miscellaneous Fee






Package Price


Physiotherapy Fee







Fourth or above

$400 / Session

Each session is 30‭ ‬minutes or part thereof‭. (‬i.e‭. ‬All time is rounded up to the next 30‭ ‬minutes‭)‬


Before / After surgery, total 3 physiotherapy sessions are needed for recovery (All are under the instruction of a registered physiotherapist). The patient could make an appointment if he/she needs extra physiotherapy sessions. The price for each session is $400.

The Following Walking Aid(s)

First 6 weeks after surgery :

An elbow crutch is needed.



The Package Price covers Post-operative Consultation Fee (2 Sessions), Surgeon's Fee, Operation Theatre Fee, Instrument Fee, Anaesthetist's Fee, Physiotherapy Fee (3 Sessions), Report and other miscellaneous charges during the procedure.


The price listed are for reference only. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.