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Our Vision and Missions


Built on the best new technology, trustworthy service and high-quality medical care, we are to develop a higher standard of reputable healthcare service in Hong Kong.






We invest exclusively on tech-enabled medical facilities and devices with credentialed staff members and professional specialists in the field to manage the care experience under the internationally accredited regulations and guidelines for safety and quality control.



We improve patient care by capitalizing on the monitoring and resuscitation facilities, adequate medical skills and health professionals. We guarantee the provision of a prompt 24-hour remedial service free-of-charge on the occurrence of postoperative complications.


Patient-Centred Service

We ascertain health priorities of patients with respect for patient privacy, comfort strategies on the provision of nursing care, and stress-free experience in the centre.


Fair Price

We provide high-quality medical service with greater price transparency and promise to have the exact standard price for every patient without any favorable civil status or insurance coverage. We ensure our patients to have remedial procedures free-of-charge in case of any postoperative complications. Under these circumstances, patients will not pay any additional charges.



We adopt all tests and procedures in the same manner as the overall performance of public hospitals in accordance with guidelines on international accreditation and norms of good practice.