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Closed Reduction Of Fractured Nose

Nasal bone fractures are among the most common facial bone fractures. It may occur when the nose impacts against a solid object (e.g. fist, forehead, dashboard, etc.). Treatment begins with evaluating the injury, taking an accurate history of the situation in which the injury occurred, and ascertaining how the face and nose appeared and functioned and before the injury occurred.


Closed reduction of displaced nasal pyramaid and septal fractures can be performed in the acute care setting. Adequate closed reduction usually leads to minimally noticeable subsequent defomity.


*This is general information only and the list of complications is not exhaustive. Other unforeseen complications may occasionally occur. In special patient groups, the actual risk may be different. For further information please contact your doctor.




Closed Reduction of Fractured Nose (Extensive)

(Under M.A.C. or G.A.)

The above fee covers:


Surgeon's Fee

Operation Theatre Fee

Instrument Fee

Anaesthetist's Fee

Miscellaneous Fee






Package Price



For examination or operation marked with "Under MAC or GA"/"Under GA"/"Under MAC" on this price list includes an anaesthesiologist's cost. If the procedure excludes an anaesthesiologist's cost, but any methods of anaesthetic and/or monitored anaesthetic care is required by the attending doctor, the centre will assign the anaesthesia bill to the patient as an additional payment. The Package Price of Day-case Otorhinolaryngological Endoscopy and Surgery covers  Surgeon's Fee, Operation Theatre Fee, Instrument Fee, Pathology Fee (if necessary), Report, Post-operative Medication Fee, other miscellaneous charges during the procedure and Post-operative Consultation Fee (1 session). The Surgery Package in the consultation room excludes Follow-up consultation.


The price listed are for reference only. Prices are subject to change without prior notice