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A common myth of taking medicines to get rid of stomach aches and pains


It is known that stress and anxiety can make you feel an occasional or recurring pressure in your stomach, sometimes it is intensified by cramping or pain. Some people prefer to buy over-the-counter medications in a nearby pharmacy store to relieve the symptoms. However, it is essential to have clear communication with doctor about the symptoms and take the medications as prescribed. It the symptoms persist, the patient should see the doctor at the earliest.


Acidic environment in the stomach


When a higher than normal amount of stomach acid is produced, it can lead to symptoms like abdominal pain, nausea, bloating, and heartburn. Some medications can slow acid production and lessen the amount of acid that the stomach makes.



Medications to treat stomach pain


These medications usually contain ingredients such as aluminium, calcium, magnesium, or sodium bicarbonate which act as bases (alkalis) to counteract stomach acid and make its pH more neutral, reducing heartburn and relieving acid reflux symptoms. While patients with peptic ulcers, especially in severe cases, should stop taking the medicines and consult the doctor first.


Which medicine is best for stomach?


atients taking over-the-counter medications without prescription may have an increased pH which is higher than the normal range. The environment is, therefore, not sufficient to prevent microbial overgrowth in these individuals. In certain medications, the amount of magnesium can trigger a bowel movement and help to make stools easier to pass, while aluminium may cause constipation. So not every OTC medicine will work best for you.


Can I take several medications at the same time?


If patients take some medicines containing aluminium and calcium with tetracyclines and antibiotics, it may reduce their ability to be completely absorbed by the body. So you should follow the instructions you receive with your medicine.



Why must some medicines be taken on an empty stomach?


For example, Proton pump inhibitor (PPI) and H2 antagonist are suggested to be taken one hour before eating a meal as they can be less effective after prolonged exposure to acidic conditions.


Best ways to prevent digestion problems


Creating and maintaining healthy eating habits help you stay away from certain diseases. You may eat more vegetables and fresh fruits each day and do regular physical activity. And you will be healthier if you can quit smoking and stop drinking alcohol. When severe stomach pain occurs, you should see a doctor for a further check-up.


*The above information is for reference only, please consult your doctor for detail.