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Children’s Day raises our awareness of how we can protect children's health


Being a parent, the health of your child should be your top concern. For effective childcare, you’ll want to receive care from a specialised paediatrician and to achieve timely identification and referral of children with health and developmental problems.


Diagnosis and management of general paediatric conditions


Our Paediatric service provides quality care for children and manages general paediatric conditions, such as respiratory tract infections, gastroenteritis, urinary tract infection, allergic diseases, skin rashes, vaccinations, growth concerns, common childhood injuries like pulled muscle, lacerations or sprains.



Growth monitoring


Growth monitoring is a long-standing practice. During each encounter, our specialist will measure the spine length, weight and head circumference. For children who can stand upright, a standing height may be more appropriate. The results will be documented. A growth chart will be prepared for the patient after each visit and will be explained to parents/guardian. If any usual reading or abnormal trend is observed, the case should be reviewed by the doctor and appropriate referral arranged if necessary.


Vaccines for children


It is rather common for children to receive vaccines at a young age to protect their health. In Hong Kong, the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health recommends that children be vaccinated according to the Hong Kong Childhood Immunisation Programme (HKCIP).

MCHCs provide immunisation to children from birth to 5 years according to the HKCIP. Other vaccines not included in the above Programme are available in private clinics. These vaccines include meningococcal vaccine, hepatitis A vaccine, rotavirus vaccine and combined vaccines which contain a combination of various vaccine components. Parent should seek advice from doctors before getting their children immunised.



Comprehensive assessment scales for preschool children


The assessment is a standardized comprehensive diagnostic instrument for preschool children who are suspected to have developmental problems. Prior to the assessment, parents/guardian will meet with the doctor first. Doctor will assess the child’s abilities through a wide range of functions, including their cognition, language, social cognition, fine and gross motor functions, perceptual function and ability, as well as their literacy and numeracy skills. The report will be issued by our specialist in Paediatrics.


*The above information is for reference only, please consult your doctor for detail.