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Strict Water Treatment

  • Employ a 3-layer filter system
  • Change the filter under the instruction
  • Apply the filtration method of Reverse Osmosis (RO)


To ensure that clean water is used for final rinsing of endoscopies and equipment, our centre is holding strict procedures in water treatment. We employ a 3-layer filter system: Starting from the tap water, it will firstly pass through a cylindrical filter which filters most contaminants including bacteria, impurities and microorganisms whose sizes are bigger than 1 micron. The second cylindrical filter acts as a gate for suspended particles and other contaminants bigger than 0.5 micron. The filtrate is basically suitable for endoscopies. The last filter, which is as the faucet, is for super small microorganisms bigger than 0.2 micron. To further ensure the water quality, the 1-micron and 0.5-micron filters will be replaced monthly. In addition, for every two days, the faucet filter will be replaced. prevent infection during any endoscopies, it is a common practice that filtered water is used to flush interior regions of intestines and stomach. Our water filtration system applies the method of Reverse Osmosis (RO), which is very effective in lowering TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in tap water, is believed to be the cleanest water filtration method. Water after reverse osmosis (“RO Water”) only possesses water molecules with no minerals or metal particles.