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Endoscopy Rooms

  • Both endoscopy rooms and cleansing room are at negative pressure
  • Disposable devices to prevent cross-contamination
  • We introduced the brand-new EVIS X1 series and artificial intelligence (AI) system launched by Olympus in 2020.


Both the endoscopy rooms and cleansing room are maintained at negative pressure. The cleansing room was constructed with the advice of our contractor Olympus, with the new models of endoscope reprocessors being used. To prevent cross infection, our endoscopic apparatus such as the hot biopsy forceps and the polypectomy snares are all disposable.

To provide an optimal medical service, we have lately introduced Olympus EVIS X1 endoscopic series which has already been in operation since November 2020. As the latest innovation, EVIS X1 uses the artificial intelligence (AI) to detect gastrointestinal disorders. 

New technologies include 5 LED Spectrum, Texture and Colour Enhancement Imaging (TXI), Extended Depth of Field (EDOF) with a normal focus mode (3-100mm), a near focus mode (1.5-5.5mm), wide-angle field of view, Red Dichromatic Imaging (RDI), as well as the Narrow Band Imaging (NBI). The advanced system delivers more refined image quality for better diagnosis and effective treatment and is optimized for the detection of adenomas polyps and early cancer.