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Dislocation Closed Reduction


This surgery treats joint dislocation or bone dislocation induced by torn capsule. It is a joint facet dislocation without rupture of articular capsule which is majorly caused by overuse injuries. Dislocations can occur in any parts including shoulder, patella, finger and acromioclavicular joint. Patients with joint dislocation suffer from joint pain and limited joint mobility. Deformity may occur if the condition gets worse.




Dislocation Closed Reduction

The above fee covers:


Surgeon's Fee

‭‬Operation Theatre Fee

Instrument Fee

Miscellaneous Fee





Package Price


Types of Anaesthesia

Intravenous Sedation‭ (‬I.V.S.‭)‬


Monitored Anaesthesia Care‭ (‬M.A.C.‭)‬

+ $1,800

General Anaesthesia‭ (‬G.A.‭)‬

+ $2,800


The Package Price covers Post-operative Consultation Fee (1 Session), Surgeon's Fee, Operation Theatre Fee, Instrument Fee, Report and other miscellaneous charges during the procedure.


According to the patient's condition, the method of anesthesia is determined by doctor.


*The price listed are for reference only. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.